Alewi stresses securing pilgrims’ road to Karbala

Alewi stresses securing pilgrims\

Baghdad ( MP, Kareem Alewi, called to provide secured road through which the pilgrims walks towards Karbala province especially in the areas that witness security breaches and involve terrorist cells.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “We strongly condemn the terrorist bombings that targeted the pilgrims heading to Karbala.”

“Terrorism attempts to create the sectarian sedition through various ways so we must confront such attempts by protecting the Iraqis and foiling the coward terrorist attempts,” he emphasized.

He called “Intensifying the intelligence efforts by the security forces to be deployed in an organized way along the road taken by the pilgrims.”

Baghdad and some other province witnessed attacks targeted the pilgrims heading to Karbala killing and injuring a number of them.

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