Awad accuses Qatar, Saudi Arabia of being behind recent bombings in Iraq

Baghdad ( MP, Uday Awad, accused Qatar and Saudi Arabia of being behind the recent bombings that targeted Baghdad and some other provinces in a plot to destabilize security in Iraq.

He stated to “Qatar and Saudi Arabia are main sides in destabilizing the security in Iraq,” noting that “These bombings that targeted Iraqis were planned by them.”

“They seek convincing the world that Shiite political blocs are unable to rule in Iraq,” he added.

Awad based his accusations on reports by western newspapers over plot by the Saudi Arabia and Qatar to create sectarian sedition to fight a government of Shiite majority.

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  1. Again you can tell when people come to your neighborhood that do not belong there. If Iraq is letting folks in from there neighboring country then they need to stop because it is not the Americans,British,French, any of the countries of the west that booming them from what is being report it is your neighboring Brothers from Yemen,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Turkey and others that do not wont you to succeed yet you still let them walk among you and kill your people.

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