Basra MP describes contracts of Sayba oil fields as fake

Basra MP describes contracts of Sayba oil fields as "fake"

Baghdad ( MP Mansour al-Timimi of the State of Law Coalition revealed that the contracts concluded to remove mines from Sayba oil fields in Basra province are fake.

Timimi said in a statement received by that “The contracts of removing mines of Sayba oil fields are fake since there is no any mine in these fields.”

MP Timimi of Basra province added that “What exist in Sayba fields are unexploded bombs which their removal is the civil defense’s task rather than the duty of the environment department of the South Oil Company.”

He called the “Environment Department of the South Oil Co. and the relevant authorities to inspect the areas which contain mines and cancel the contracts of some companies which did not perform their duty well, stressing on revealing the corrupted figures in those companies among them the South Oil Co.”

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