Camps established by armed groups in Salah-il-Din, Anbar provinces, says Zubaidi

camps established by armed groups in salah il din anbar provinces says zubaidi Camps established by armed groups in Salah il Din, Anbar provinces, says Zubaidi

Baghdad ( The former Minister of Interior and head of Citizen bloc, Baqir Jabur al-Zubaidi, revealed that some armed groups established training camps in Salah-il-Din and Anbar provinces.

During his visit to Maysan and his meeting with the chieftains in the province he reviewed the political updates in Iraq stating that “There are armed groups that erected training camps in Samara city and Tharthar area of eastern Anbar but still they are few.”

“The Government face crisis currently because it was formed during a crisis but it was possible to solve this crisis in earlier time,” he added.

“Government is based on the contribution of all sides but the other sides do not admit the reality of their participation and this is the reason behind the crisis,” he mentioned.

He reject “Accusing the other partners of being agents for foreign sides despite the information that confirm intruding sides within the demonstrators from Qaeda and armed groups.”

“The regional plot aims at toppling the Syrian regime and to extend their plot to the western parts of Iraq but the Syrian regime confronted this plot and controlled the situation,” he stressed.

He called “The Government to deal wisely with the issue of the demonstrations to foil the regional plots that target the unity of Iraq.”

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