Certain sides seek to foil process of arming Iraqi Army, says MP

Certain sides seek to foil process of arming Iraqi Army, says MP

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) MP Lubna Rahim of the Iraqiya Hurra Coalition accused some political sides, without identifying them, of seeking to disturb the process of arming the Iraqi Army and keep Iraq without strong military forces through launching accusations about concluding false deals to arm the IA.

Rahim stressed that “The attempts to launch accusations and arouse suspicions about existence of false deals in arming the IA reflect those sides’ objective to abort any Iraqi attempts to build strong military forces similar to the region’s armies.”

“The Iraqi Government did into conclude any official deal with Russia to buy weapons, just there is a memorandum of understanding between both countries,” she confirmed.

Earlier, the Spokesperson of the Iraqi Government, Ali al-Dabbagh has announced that the National Security Council decided to renegotiate with Russia concerning arms deal,” noting that “The Government did not sign any agreement in this regard so far.”

It is worth mentioning that a senior military official has stressed that Iraq canceled arms deal with Russia because of corruption accusations.

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