Citizen MP denies reports over criticizing Talabani

Citizen MP denies reports over criticizing Talabani

Baghdad ( MP, Muna al-Ameiri, of the Citizen bloc denied the reports mentioned by some media outlets over criticizing the President, Jalal Talabani.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, she stated “The statement that some media outlets mentioned about my criticism to Talabani is groundless and I am not responsible for such statement.”

“The sides that reported the statement aim to create tensions between us and the Kurds whom we have historical relations,” she added.

“The statement contained some words that are not suitable to be said about the Kurds and it is clearly shown that the purpose of this statement is to create Arabic-Kurdish conflict,” she concluded.

Earlier, some media outlets reported that Ameiri, in a press statement, criticized Talabani and considered that it is unconstitutional to make Talabani the president of Iraq because his mother have the Syrian citizenship and the Iraqi constitution does not allow this.

Some MPs complained about relating some statements in the media outlets that aim to defame other officials.

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