Civil committee calls to withdraw immunity from 4 of IS MPs

Civil committee calls to withdraw immunity from 4 of IS MPs

Baghdad ( Saut al-Dhamair Civil Committee called to withdraw the immunity form four of the MPs of the Iraqiya Slate for being “Involved in criminal actions against the Iraqi people.”

In a press statement received by on Sunday, the committee stated “Saut al-Dhamir Committee organizes a campaign for collecting one million signatures to sue some MPs and withdraw the immunity from them”

“The request of withdrawing the immunity was by the Supreme Judicial Council from four MPs of the Iraqiya Slate who are MPs, Salim al-Jobouri, of al-Wassat alliance, Haqi al-Mashhadani, Ashour Hamid of Tajdeed Movement who were assigned by the fugitive Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashimi, and Qais Shathar who is accused of terrorist actions in Madain district of southern Baghdad.”

The Committee expressed “Its surprise from neglecting this issue by the parliament and the political blocs where some judicial warrants were released against these MPs three months ago and are kept in the parliament to be voted on.”

“The committee will keep following this issue and the decisions of the judiciary which is the most powerful side in the Iraqi State against these MPs,” the statement concluded.

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