Dahlaki: Five-Side Committee to meet Saturday to discuss demonstrators’ demands

dahlaki five side committee to meet saturday to discuss demonstrators demands Dahlaki: Five Side Committee to meet Saturday to discuss demonstrators demands

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) MP, Raad al-Dahlaki, of the Iraqiya Slate assured that the Five-Side Committee formed by the National Gathering will hold a meeting on Saturday evening to continue the discussion over the demonstrators’ demands.

He stated to Iraqi News (IraqiNews.com) “The meeting will be held at the office of the Deputy Premier, Salih al-Mutleg, at 7 p. m.”

“All the members of the Committee agreed upon holding today’s meeting during their last Thursday meeting,” he added.

The committee held its meeting on last Thursday to discuss the means of reaching quick solutions for the demonstrators’ demands.

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