Demonstrations in Balad distract of Salah il-Din call for not canceling J&A law, Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism law

demonstrations in balad distract of salah il din call for not canceling j amp a law article of anti terrorism law Demonstrations in Balad distract of Salah il Din call for not canceling J&A law, Article 4 of Anti Terrorism law

Baghdad ( Dozens of the citizens of Balad district of Salah il-Din province demonstrate calling for not creating the sectarian seditions and collapse the national unity.

MP, Mufeed al-Baldawi, of the Iraqi National Alliance who participated in the demonstrations stated to “The demonstrations in Balad district comprised all the sects and submitted 15 demands to Salah il-Din Governorate in order to submit them to the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki.”

“The demonstrators demanded to preserve the unity of Iraq and not creating sectarian seditions,” he added, noting that “The demonstrators sent two messages, one is for the citizens of Salah il-Din to tell them that the Shiite are coexisting with the Sunni in Salah il-Din and there is no partition between them.”

“The second one was to Maliki where they demanded him not to cancel the Justice and Accountability law and Article (4) of Anti-Terrorism law,” he concluded,

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