Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Fallon: we are making major contribution to assist Iraqi forces

Fallon: we are making major contribution to assist Iraqi forces

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Michael Fallon met with the US Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force Lt General James Terry and the UK Deputy Commander Major General Bob Bruce at Camp ‘Arifjan, the Headquarters for anti-ISIL operations.

During talks, Mr Fallon received an update on operational activity against ISIL. He emphasised the UK’s position that ISIL must be defeated in both Iraq and Syria and reaffirmed the UK’s intention to contribute to a US-led programme to train the Syrian Moderate Opposition at training sites across the Middle East.

Mr Fallon also discussed the UK’s significant contribution to the international coalition’s air campaign and the training and assistance provided to the Iraqi military.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said “I came here to review progress in the campaign to defeat ISIL with Lt General Terry and Major General Bruce and to consider what more we can do counter its violent ideology.”

“This is a fight that ultimately can only be won on the ground and we are making a major contribution to assist Iraqi forces. Our aircraft have conducted around 160 strikes and provided vital refuelling capability; and the recently deployed E3-D aircraft will boost the coalition’s command and control and surveillance capabilities,” he concluded. /End/

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