Hakim: “Key leaders always subject for media attacks”

Hakim: \"Key leaders always subject for media attacks\"

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council Ammar al-Hakim assured that “Those who neglect the history will regret a lot,” noting that “The key leaders who seek correction in their societies, such as the Great Prophet of Islam Mohammed (may peace be upon him), should be a target for direct suspicions and attacks.”

A statement by the SIIC quoted Hakim as saying during a procession to commemorate Imam Hussein’s martyrdom held in Hakim’s office in Baghdad on Friday “Who observes the history of nations will realize the best way to deal with the challenges of the present and future times.”

He stressed that “The history should be a base for building the future since the rules remain the same but the figures change.”

He considered that weeping on Imam Hussein and commemorating his martyrdom as “A means to reach humanitarian perfection.”

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