IIP demands Nineveh security forces to protect citizens’ lives

IIP demands Nineveh security forces to protect citizens\

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The Iraqi Islamic Party in Nineveh province assured that “The increasing rate of assassinations in the province indicates a major breach within the security department and its failure in preserving security.”

A statement by the IIP received by IraqiNews.com cited Friday “The increasing assassinations in Nineveh province indicates complete failure of the security departments in the Nineveh, demanding these departments to take necessary steps to protect the citizens’ lives.”

The Iraqi Islamic Party condemned the assassinations that targeted former officers of the Iraqi Army and preachers of mosques in the province recently, noting that “The assassinations continue in Nineveh to empty the province from qualified figures from different specializations.”

The statement mentioned that “The statements issued by the leaders of the security departments which denote detaining dozens of members and leaders of terrorist organizations contradict the reports about dozens of terrorist activities, assassinations and explosions that target the civilians.”

The statement demanded the local government in Nineveh province to “exert more efforts and coordinate with the security ministries to stop the blood shedding in the province.”

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