Iraq, Tunis sign agreements on various fields

Iraq, Tunis sign agreements on various fields

Baghdad ( Iraq has concluded a number of agreements with Tunis in the commercial, industrial, economic, and agricultural fields.

The Iraqi delegation which comprised representatives of some Iraqi ministries headed by the Minister of Culture, Sadoun al-Dulaimi, has arrived to Tunis on 16th December.

A statement by the Iraqi Culture Ministry cited “The fruitful meetings conducted by Dulaimi with the Tunisian President, Munsif al-Marzuqi represents a chance to evaluate the size of cooperation between both countries on all levels.”

The semi-official Iraqiya Satellite Channel has stated on last Wednesday that “The Iraqi Culture Minister, Dulaimi, met with the Tunisian President, who expressed the readiness of Tunis to cancel the visa requirement from Iraqis who are visiting Tunis.”

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