ISA criticizes sectarian statements launched by some MPs

ISA criticizes sectarian statements launched by some MPs

Baghdad ( Iraqi Scholars Assembly criticized the sectarian statements launched by some MPs.

A statement by the ISA received by quoted its head, Khalid al-Mulla, as saying “It is supposed that MPs are first to defend the national unity of Iraq and to be a way from the political debates that aim at consolidating their personal and partisan interests yet we are surprised by some MPs who misunderstood their historical responsibility as representatives for Iraqis.”

“Most of the disputes are legal or constitutional so they must be limited to their fields and not to employ in sectarian affiliations since the other is political partner or a citizen in our homeland,” he stressed.

“Some MPs speaks about the demonstrations took place in one of the areas saying that they will not stop till reaching Tehran,” he added, questioning “How this MP will reach Tehran? Will he go there as an occupier like Saddam? Is such statement objective?”

“The parliament must punish those MPs who aim at creating sectarian sedition and abuse the neighbor countries and involving them in our internal disputes,” he emphasized.

“They would being busy with the public interests instead on hinder the performance of the parliament,” he concluded.

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