Jaafary’s media office describes his ties with Sadr Tend’s MPs as good


Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The media office of Ibrahim al-Jaafary, the head of the Iraqi National Allaince, stressed on Wednesday that “Jaafary’s relation with the Sadr Trend’s MPs is good.

A statement by Jaafary’s office cited that “We confirm that Jaafary has positive and constructive ties with the Sadr Trend’s MPs and the rest of the sides within the INA.”

“The INA calls on all the media outlets to verify accuracy in reporting the news and information,” the statement added.

Earlier, source within the INA has told All Iraq New Agency (IraqiNews.com) that “Jaafary blamed MP Amir al-Kinani during the recent meeting of the INA held at Jaafary’s residence on background of statements related to the INA’s presidency.”

“The language of the blaming turned into heated discussion between Jaafary and Kinani where both sides exchanged indecent words,” according to the source.

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