Jobouri describes summoning Maliki as Constitutional demand

Jobouri describes summoning Maliki as "Constitutional demand"

Baghdad ( MP, Abdullah al-Jobouri, of the Iraqiya Slate confirmed that summoning the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, by the parliament is a constitutional demand.”

He stated to Iraqi News ( “One of the qualified MPs will question Maliki,” noting that “Some of the political sides called to investigate Maliki will participate in questioning him.”

Earlier, MP, Ayad al-Samarayi, of the Iraqiya Slate urged the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to attend the parliament sessions to clarify the reasons behind his refusal for accomplishing the demonstrators’ demands.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “If Maliki is convinced that he is not ready to implement the demonstrators’ demands, he must clarify the reasons before the parliament.”

He denied intention to investigate Maliki by the parliament currently.

“The political blocs agreed upon investigating Maliki but they postponed it,” he assured, stressing that “The only solution for the demonstrations crisis is to respond to their demands by Maliki.”

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