KA: Kurdistan not to commit to oil exportation hereafter

KA: "Kurdistan not to commit to oil exportation hereafter"

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The Kurdistani Alliance announced on Thursday that “The Kurdistan Regional Government will not commit to the exportation of oil from now on, and will resort to the economic independence away from the central government.”

MP Muhsen al-Saadoun of the KA stated in a press conference in presence of the KA’s MPs “The article No. 112 of the constitution grants the Kurdistan Region authority to run its oil sector, so the Region will not adhere to the oil export and will be economically independent.”

“We have the right to appeal some of the federal budget’s items at the Federal Court,” he added describing not including the item of the dues of the oil companies working in Kurdistan Region within the federal budget of 2013 as serious step, especially since there are important oil companies working in Kurdistan Region.”

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