Khuzai: Middle East’s situation not tolerate any wars

Khuzai: Middle East\

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Vice President, Khudhayir al-Khuzai, stressed that “The situation of the Middle East does not tolerate any further wars, and it is necessary to spread the concepts of dialogue to resolve all the crises especially the security of the Gulf region concerns the world, region and Iraq.”

A statement by Khuzai’s office reported “Khuzai met in Geneva on sidelines of the 22nd round of the Human Rights Council, with the ambassadors of the permanent members countries at the UN Secretary Council (The USA, Britain, China, Russia, and France) where they discussed the successive crises in the region and ways to settle them.”

“The VP Khuzai called not to resort to the military solution in resolving the Syrian crisis because this would incur serious consequences on the security of Iraq and the region at large,” the statement added.

He pointed out that “Iraq has released an initiative to address the Syrian crisis represented by announcing urgent ceasefire and conducing dialogue among all the dispute sides, then to form transitional government that includes the opposition to prepare for launching elections under supervision of the UN.”

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