Kurdistan RegionG: Talabani’s health improves

Sulaimaniya (IraqiNews.com) The Government of Kurdistan Region confirmed that “The health of the President Jalal Talabani, is constantly improving.”

The Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan cited ”The member of the political bureau, Emad Ahmed, of the PUK has a meeting with the Vice-President of Kurdistan Region with the attendance of Sulaimaniya Governor Mohamed Salih.”

The statement added ”The meeting included, discussions to provide the best services for citizens,” stressing that ”The representatives of the PUK should be as responsible as they can be and loyal to their duties.”

He pointed out that ”The President Jalal Talabani is the leader and secretary of the PUK, as well as being the President of Iraq with all the Iraqi communities, Arab, Kurdish, sects and others.” \

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