Maliki criticizes remarks of Barzani, Davutoglu over current demonstrations in Iraq

Maliki criticizes remarks of Barzani, Davutoglu over current demonstrations in Iraq

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Premier, Nouri al-Maliki criticized the recent statements of the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani and the remarks of the Turkish Secretary of State, Ahmed Davutoglu over the demonstrations witnessed by some Iraqi provinces.

Maliki’s media office reported him as saying on Sunday “At a time the ministerial commission formed by the Iraqi Cabinet to follow up the demands of the demonstrators going on its task to meet, on ground, many of those demands, we are surprised by the counter-statements by regional sides and Iraqi political figures like the recent remarks of the Turkish Secretary of State which demonstrate desire to disturb the dialogue among the Iraqi people sides and inflame sectarian strife in the country.”

Maliki continued saying “It seems that some sides do not wish Iraqis to address their problems through dialogue or they are disappointed because their scheme to create armed clash was shattered.”

The Premier called on “The Iraqi people to be aware of such malicious and dubious regional agendas which do not want good for Iraq.”

It is worth mentioning that Barzani has announced on last Saturday his sheer support for the legitimate demands of the demonstrators.

He added that “The Iraqi federal government escalated the crisis through adopting the marginalization and exclusion policies instead of meeting the demonstrators’ demands.”

For his part, Davutoglu attributed the current tensions in Iraq to the policy of exclusion followed by Maliki against some political and popular sides.

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