Thursday, June 30, 2022


Maliki inaugurates branch of Standard Chartered Bank in Iraq

Maliki inaugurates branch of Standard Chartered Bank in IraqBaghdad ( The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, inaugurated the main branch of the British Standard Chartered Bank in Iraq.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministries reported in an official statement received by ”Maliki mentioned in his inauguration speech that ”We are witnessing an important turning point in the economic field where the entry of international banks in Iraq will support the construction process through meeting all required banking services.”

”The inauguration of international banks branches in Iraq proves that Iraq is not isolated of world, expressing his happiness, for engaging such an international bank in Iraq,” the statement added.”The British Embassy expressed its hope to develop the banking sector in Iraq and reveled that the main goal of inauguration the bank branch in Iraq is to meet the needs of the bank customers in Iraq,” noting that ”The bank will inaugurate two other branches in Erbil next month and in Basra within the first six months of 2014,” the statement concluded.

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