MP describes amending J&A, Anti-Terrorism laws as Hard at current time

mp describes amending j amp a anti terrorism laws as quot hard at current time quot MP describes amending J&A, Anti Terrorism laws as Hard at current time

Baghdad ( MP, Azad Abu Bakir, the member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee described amending the Justice and Accountability law and the Anti-Terrorism law as “Hard to be done at the current time.”

He stated to Iraqi News ( “Amending or canceling the J&A and Anti-Terrorism laws is hard to be done at the current time.”

“With the existence of the political deals, some items within the J&A law can be amended, but it is impossible to cancel it,” he added.

He pointed out “The demonstrators call for canceling the Anti-Terrorism law which is impossible to be done.”

“The Anti-Terrorism law is one of the punishment laws where canceling it will make it impossible to punished the terrorists,” he concluded.

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