Mutleg confirms attempt to assassinate him amid Anbar sit-ins

Mutleg confirms attempt to assassinate him amid Anbar sit-ins

Baghdad ( The media office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Salih al-Mutleg, announced that Mutleg was subject to an assassination attempt during his presence amid Anbar sit-ins.

The media office cited in a statement on Sunday “The incident resulted in inuring a number of the bodyguards and damaging the vehicles of Mutleg’s motorcade.”

“The demonstrators warmly welcomed Mutleg but some malicious sides tried to dissuade the demonstrators from achieving their legitimate demands when they attempted to assassinate him amid the masses of the protestors,” the statement confirmed.

It added that “The Deputy PM stressed, during meeting the demonstrators in Anbar, his support to all their demands including the right of launching peaceful demonstration and sit-in,” calling the security forces not to interfere in the protests but just to secure them.”

“Mutleg urged Anbar people and all Iraqi provinces’ people to renounce those deviant sides and be abide by the law and peaceful protest in order to raise their voices and achieve their legitimate demands in full and without procrastination,” the statement concluded.

Earlier, correspondent has reported on Sunday that “Mutleg, While attempting to go up to the platform to talk to the demonstrators they threw him with shoes.”

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