Najervan, Kobler discuss Baghdad-Erbil relations, Syrian refugees situation in Kurdistan Region

najervan kobler discuss baghdad erbil relations syrian refugees situation in kurdistan region Najervan, Kobler discuss Baghdad Erbil relations, Syrian refugees situation in Kurdistan Region

Baghdad ( The Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Najervan Barzani discussed with the UN Secretary General’s former Special Representative for Iraq, Martin Kobler, the situation in Iraq and the Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region.

A statement by the Kurdistan Region Presidency cited “Barzani received Kobler on Monday night where the latter thanked Barzani for the support presented to the United Nations and its relevant institutions.”

“For his part, Barzani applauded the UN envoy’s efforts to address Iraq’s problems and his neutrality in dealing with all the Iraqi sides, wishing him success in his new mission,” according to the statement.

“The meeting also tackled Baghdad-Erbil relations where Kobler described the recent talks between the Iraqi central government and Kurdistan Regional government as positive step.”

Kurdistan Region Premier assured that “Kurdistan Region still supports the peaceful solutions and the dialogue to settle all the problems,” noting “Kurdistan Region will continue adopting dialogue and is waiting for the mutual commissions formed previously to consider the pending issues.”

Concerning the Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region, Barzani stressed “Those refugees need more aids from the UN and Iraq’s central government, expecting further increase in the number of Syrian refugees,” the statement concluded.

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