Nineveh Governor reopens Ahrar square for demonstrators

nineveh governor reopens ahrar square for demonstrators Nineveh Governor reopens Ahrar square for demonstrators

Nineveh ( The Governor of Nineveh province, Athil al-Nijaifi, reopened Ahrar square in central Mosul on Saturday.

The reporter of confirmed “Nijaifi re-inaugurated the square after being blocked by the Nineveh Operations Command to prevent the demonstrators from entering it.”

Earlier, Najafi and two MPs of the Iraqiya Slate participated in the demonstrations in central Mosul city on Friday.

The reporter of “A number of Mosques called those who participate in the Friday prayer to head to Ahrar square to demonstrate to get the security forces out of the city and to release all the detainees and the women prisoners in addition to providing the services.”

“Nineveh Governor, MP, Faris al-Sinjari, and MP, Mohamed Iqbal, participated in the demonstration,” the reporter concluded.

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