Sadr: Dori’s appearance in media outlets aims at creating sectarian sedition

Sadr: Dori\

Baghdad ( The head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, considered the latest appearance of the former Vice-President of the previous regime, Ezzat al-Dori, in the current time as “An attempt to create sectarian sedition in Iraq,” expressing his readiness to “Kill him if the government does not try to.”

In a press statement received by in Saturday, he said “The play, which is set by some foreign countries, is clear and shown where all the Iraqi people know it well.”

“Dori is nothing and we are no afraid by his statements,” he added, noting that “He is worse than describing the people as agents who sacrificed to achieve the honor and sovereignty of Iraq and they honor him and his allies Israel and America.”

“Dori’s appearance in the current time aims at creating sectarian sedition and I urge the demonstrators to denounce his statement in order not to create the sedition and do not make their demonstrations considered as Ba’athist or sectarian,” he pointed out.

“If the government cannot chase Dori, we are ready to arrest or kill him without the interference of the security forces,” he assured, congratulating “The Iraqi Army on the anniversary of the Iraqi Army,” calling it to “Support the demonstrations and protect the demonstrators.”

Earlier, Dori appeared in a recorded tape in the media outlets where he called to eliminate the “Safavid agents”, according to him.

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