Sadr’s advisor: IS busy with unknown agendas, neglecting its masses’ rights


Baghdad ( Asmaa al-Mosawi, the advisor of the head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, accused the Iraqiya Slate of “Working for unknown agendas and neglecting the rights of its masses.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, she said “The IS is busy with unknown agendas where its requests are unknown and it always objects where most of the service ministries belong to it and we do not know what the political agendas behind the IS.”

She accused “The IS of hindering the role of the Executive and Legislative Authorities through the continuous withdrawal of its ministers which negatively affected the services provided by the government.”

“The Iraqi National Alliance adopted a project to allocate a portion of the General Budget to the citizens, but unfortunately the IS let its masses down by being the enemy of the INA in this issue,” she concluded.

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