Sayhoud criticizes Talabani’s recent statement towards Maliki

Sayhoud criticizes Talabani\

Baghdad ( MP, Mohamed al-Sayhoud, of the State of Law Coalition criticized the recent statements of the President, Jalal Talabani, towards the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, and his way of running the Government.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “All sides including the President are responsible for the negative aspects and the positive aspects of the current Government.”

“All sides are participating in the Government so no side can escape the responsibility,” he assured.

“For instance, canceling the Ration Card was approved by the Council of Ministers due to a suggestion presented by the Minister of Trade and the Ministers voted on this decision so all the blocs are responsible for it rather than Maliki alone,” he mentioned.

“It is a joint reasonability for all sides involved in the Government,” he concluded.

Earlier, the spokesperson of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Azad Jundiyani, assured that “The President Jalal Talabani is not pleased with the performance of the Premier Nouri al-Maliki since Maliki committed several mistakes that he needs to correct.”

A press statement by the PUK received by on Tuesday quoted Jundiyani, as saying “Talabani is not pleased with the performance of Maliki including his stances from the political crisis which the country is going through in the last few months.”

“We in the PUK, see that Maliki’s mistakes should be corrected or we will have to think of an approach to deal with these mistakes” Jundiyani added, noting that “We have substitutions to deal with this situation where we will closely observe Maliki stances and if he is committed to dialogue and negotiating approach.”

In his response to a question about Maliki’s stance from the national partnership as well as Maliki’s recent announcements that the national partnership ended, Jundiyani said “Maliki is not the one to decide the fate of the national partnership, the one who is responsible for this decision is Iraqi National Alliance, which considers the State of Law Coalition as a part of it.”

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