SLC MP criticizes Nijaifi’s visit to Kurdistan Region to discuss arresting Esawi’s guards

SLC MP criticizes Nijaifi\

Baghdad ( MP, Ibrahim al-Rikabi, of the State of Law Coalition criticized the visit of the parliament Speaker, Osama l-Nijaifi, to Kurdistan region to discuss the issue of arresting the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi.

In a press statement received by on Saturday, he said “The arrest warrants were based on judicial orders and according to the confessions of one of Esawi’s guards, but the reaction is to confuse the situation and make this issue to be considered as of sectarian purposes.”

“The arrest warrants were issued by a judicial committee that comprises six of the Sunni judges who dealt with this issue in proficiency and not sectarian,” he added.

He pointed out “To prove that this issue is not politicized, 50 of Esawi’s guards were released and only 10 were detained due to the confessions,” assuring that “20 of the families of Anbar province complained from Esawi’s guards and the guards of the Fugitive Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashimi.”

“Nijaifi can contact the judges to be acquainted with the details of this issue and the investigation process because he represents the Legislative Authority and not by changing the concept of this issue by visiting Kurdistan Region and discuss it as a sectarian issue as they call,” he concluded.

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