Sulaiman rules out canceling Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism law

sulaiman rules out canceling article of anti terrorism law Sulaiman rules out canceling Article 4 of Anti Terrorism law

Baghdad ( MP, Sharif Sulaiman, of the Kurdustani Alliance, ruled out canceling Article (4) of Anti-Terrorism law.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “Article (4) of Anti-Terrorism law is not related to any sect, but it is related to the person who commits a criminal action where this article aims to eliminate terrorism.”

“There is a preservation over the implantation of this article by the government where it is necessary to re-consider its implantation,” he added, noting that “There is also a preservation by the Iraqi people over the judicial performance because it is not dealing with the judicial cases is the required judicial way.”

Earlier, the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, stated on last Monday that the Article (4) of Anti-Terrorism law must be cancelled by the parliament.

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