Turkmen MP calls to save Tuz Khormatu people from racial, sectarian targeting

Turkmen MP calls to save Tuz Khormatu people from "racial, sectarian targeting"

Salah il-Din (IraqiNews.com) MP Mohamed al-Bayati of the Turkmen component within the Iraqi National Alliance stressed that “Tuz Khormatu district associated to Salah il-Din province that are resided mostly by Turkmens witnesses serious racial and sectarian targeting against the Shiite Turkmens.

Bayati said in a statement received by IraqiNews.com “The Shiite Turkmens are subject to sectarian and racial targeting alike, hence we call the federal government to save Tuz Khormatu people from the terrorist operations where the district became just like a city of ghosts where in each day there is targeting of a Shiite Turkmen through murder, abduction or explosion of IEDs or car bombs as if there are no presence for the security forces there.”

He continued saying “What increase our concerns is the media disinformation for what happens to the Turkmens in Tuz Khurmatu district.”

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