Voters’ record represents main problem within Kirkuk Provincial Elections Law, says Jobouri


Baghdad ( MP, Omar al-Jobouri, of Kirkuk Province confirmed that the voters’ record is the main problem within Kirkuk Provincial Elections law draft.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “The elections of Kirkuk PC could not be conducted without endorsing its law but the problem is represented by the voters’ record which must be revised and reconsidered because it was subject to forgery.”

“Kirkuk PC elections needs checking the voters’ record which was forged due to the huge demographical changes took place the province after 2003 that were for the interests of the Kurdish community that confiscated the administrative and security authorities in the province,” he emphasized.

He stressed “Ensuring the balance within the office of the Independent High Electoral Commission in the province to ensure the safe and fair electoral process.”

Kirkuk is considered as among the provinces of Kurdistan Region according to the Kurdish politicians while this idea is rejected by the rest of the communities inside and outside the province.

The identity of Kirkuk province is among the prominent pending issues among the political blocs.

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