Karbala PC demands governments to re-open border inlets

karbala pc demands governments to re open border inlets Karbala PC demands governments to re open border inlets

Karbala (IraqiNews.com) The economic committee within Karbala provincial council announced “registering a notable rise in prices of various goods due to closing border inlets.”The chairman of the committee, Tariq al-Khekani, stated to IraqiNews.com ”The resolution of the government to close border inlets resulted in increasing the prices of goods and food by 3%,” pointing out that ”Karbala is a tourist province that needs to be supplied by various imported goods.”He demanded the Government ”To expedite the process of re-opening border inlets, especially because Karbala is considered the entrance of food materials for middle and southern provinces.”Earlier, The Iraqi Government decided to close border inlets for security reasons, while the Ministry of Defense excluded food materials out of borders prevention. \

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