More than 2000 ship dock at Iraqi ports during 2012

more than 000 ship dock at iraqi ports during 01 More than 2000 ship dock at Iraqi ports during 2012

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Ports company within the Ministry of Transports announced that total ships which docked at the Iraqi ports since the beginning 2012 until November reached 2002 ships included commercial ships , ships that transport fuel and ships that transport goods containers.The Ministry of Transports reported in statement received by on Tuesday ”The annual report of the Planning and Following Up Department accounted the total containers that were exported and imported through all ports reached 18674090 tons,” noting that “Um Qasr port occupied the first place according to the statistics where 752 ships and 864210 ton rached through it.””The ports achieved the highest level in receiving ships during October where the total ships reached 230 ships with 149239 containers of varied goods, ”the statement added. \

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