MP describes canceling Ration Card decision as positive step

MP describes canceling Ration Card decision as "positive step"

Baghdad ( MP Lubna Raheem of the Iraqiya Hurra Slate described the decision of the Council of Ministers on canceling the Ration Card as a positive step, calling at the same time to monitor the prices of the foodstuffs and increase the financial sums allocated to the citizens.

Raheem said that “The resolution of replacing the Ration Card with distributing financial funds is a sound step that meets the citizens’ interests because of the tarry happening in delivering the food items of the RC to the citizens.”

“This step must be coupled with monitoring the prices of the food materials by the legislative and executive authorities,” she urge.

It is worth mentioning that the Spokesperson of the Iraqi Government, Ali al-Dabbagh, has announced that the Council of Ministers decided to replace the Ration Card with financial grants to be distributed on citizens starting from 1st, March, 2013.

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