MP reveals details of agreement to settle Federal Budget’s controversial points

MP reveals details of agreement to settle Federal Budget\

Baghdad ( MP Haval Kwistani of the parliament Change bloc revealed the details of the agreement that was reached among the political blocs concerning settling the pending points of the Federal Budget of 2013.

Kwistani told Iraqi News ( on Sunday “A meeting was held at the parliament building chaired by the Second Deputy Speaker of the parliament, Arif Tayfor in presence of the Finance Committee’s head and a number of ministers where they agreed on paying the financial dues of the foreign oil companies working in Kurdistan Region from the state treasury’s money orders.”

“The conferees also approved the Iraqiya Slate’s request over increasing the financial allocations of the Regions Development project through discounting part of the ministries and governorates’ share from the state budget,” he added.

The parliament is scheduled to hold the regular session on next Monday to read and vote on a number of law drafts including the vote on the federal budget of 2013.

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