Nusaiyf attributes failure of submitting 2012 budget’s final statements to poor policy

Nusaiyf attributes failure of submitting 2012 budget\

Baghdad ( MP Aliya Nusaiyf, member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, attributed the Government’s failure in submitting the final statements of 2012 federal budget to lack of a specific mechanism by the Ministry of Finance when granting the financial allocations to the provinces.

Nusaiyf stated to Iraqi News “The mechanisms of expending the financial allocations that are allocated to the provinces whether from the Petro-Dollar project or the Development of Regions project budget were not specified,” noting that “The Finance Ministry should adopt the surplus of the budget of all the provinces and ministries.”

“The problem is, the Finance Ministry gives the financial allocations to the provinces without identifying the mechanisms of expending those moneys this in turn leads to foot-dragging in presenting the final statements by the Government, moreover, the legislative authorities do not know the size of the annual budget’s surplus,” she concluded.

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