Iraqi HR Ministry, EU Ambassador to Iraq discuss human rights file in Iraq

Iraqi HR Ministry, EU Ambassador to Iraq discuss human rights file in Iraq

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Minister of Human Rights, Mohamed Shiya al-Sudani discussed with the European Union Ambassador for Iraq, Yana Hapaschkova the situation of human rights in Iraq as well as tackling the demonstrations witnessed currently by several Iraqi cities.

A statement by the Ministry cited that “Both sides discussed the human rights situation in Iraq and the efforts exerted by the Ministry to promote the culture of human rights among the popular circles in addition to discussing the ramifications of the current demonstrations.”

The statement quoted Sudani as saying “The lack of political stability is the major challenge faces the application of the human rights in Iraq along with the terrorism’ effects.”

He continued saying “The freedom of expression and the peaceful demonstrations is a constitutional rights,” confirming “The Iraqi Government is exerting efforts to meet the demonstrators demands in Baghdad and the other provinces where it formed ministerial commission including the Ministry of Human Rights to receive the demonstrators’ demands to be forwarded then to the concerned sides.”

For her part, the EU Ambassador to Iraq stressed the “EU’s eagerness to witness Iraq stabilized and united,” noting that the “EU is going on presenting assistance for all the Iraqi state institutions so as to preserve the experience of democracy in Iraq.”

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