Friday, September 30, 2022


Islamic State prohibits red clothes in western Mosul on Valentine’s Day

 Islamic State prohibits red clothes in western Mosul on Valentine’s Day

Nineveh ( Islamic State extremists have barred wearing red-colored clothes in western Mosul, preparing to prevent Valentine’s Day celebrations, according to local sources.

The group’s media surprisingly distributed warnings saying red colors were not allowed, even for children, a local source in Nineveh told Alsumaria News.

The source presumed the move aimed to prevent Iraqis from marking the occasion, adding that the group fears that the least sign of celebration would stand as a challenge to its rules.

A hardline preacher from the group tore the head of a red teddy bear to assert his prohibition of the celebrations during a sermon earlier this week, according to the source. Teddy bears and flowers are typical presents exchanged between loving couples on the occasion.

Islamic State came to the scene in Iraq in 2014 when it defeated Iraqi government forces at several cities and proclaimed a so-called “Islamic State”. Since then, it had imposed extreme religious views, and levied harsh punishments amounting to death on violators.

The group is currently holding most of western Mosul as it totally lost the eastern side to Iraqi forces on January 24th after three months of battles. It is now boosting its defenses in that region in anticipation of an imminent invasion by security troops.

The conflict in Mosul has so far displaced at least 191.000 people, according to government data.

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