Najaf Airport receives 45 flights daily

Najaf Airport receives 45 flights daily

Najaf ( Najaf International Airport announced receiving more than 50,000 Arab and foreign passengers since the beginning of Safar month.

The administrative director of Najaf airport, Murtdha al-Mausawi, reported on Wednesday ”The air flights landing at Najaf airport reached 45 flights daily most of them are coming from Gulf countries while the arrivals exceeded (50,000) since the first day of Safar month,” predicting ”To increase the flights number to be (55) flights daily during the next few days.”

Mausawi attributed the arrivals increase to the new policy of Najaf airport which to grant Visa directly in the airport for all arrivals.

He pointed out ”The resolution of granting Visa directly at the airport will remain adopted until the end of Safar Hijri month.” \

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