Friday, October 7, 2022


U.S. stalls efforts to fight ISIS, says MP Qasim al-Araji

MP Qasim al-Araji
MP Qasim al-Araji

( On Sunday, MP Qasim al-Araji, the head of the Badr parliamentary bloc said the U.S. is supporting and financing the ISIS group in Iraq, and that the U.S. government is stalling efforts to fight ISIS.

Qasim Al-Araji stated for IraqiNews, “The U.S. has supported ISIS in Syria and funded the group in Iraq,” adding that, “The duality of America is very clear in terms of fighting ISIS…The U.S. government supports the Kurdistan region in battling ISIS, but refuses to stand with the Iraqi security forces or the tribesmen in battling the group.”

Al-Araji claimed that the U.S. is trying to stall efforts to fight ISIS in order to deploy ground troops to Iraq again.

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