Wednesday, August 10, 2022


URGENT: 7 year prison sentence given to Central Bank head, Sinan al-Shabibi

The former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.
The former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.

Baghdad ( An official source stated on Thursday, that a judicial decision of 7 years in prison was issued against the former Central Bank of Iraq governor, Sinan al-Shabibi.

The source told IraqiNews that the Judiciary in Iraq has issued a ruling against the former governor of the Iraqi Central Bank today on Thursday, based on the case filed about his administration.

Iraqi High Judiciary Council declared on 19 Oct 2012 that an arrest warrant against the Central Bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi was issued on charges of corruption during his administration of the bank, whilst Shabibi was in Tokyo attending an annual world conference.

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