Weather of next 4 days ranges between cloudy, semi-cloudy, rainy across Iraq

weather of next days ranges between cloudy semi cloudy rainy across iraq Weather of next 4 days ranges between cloudy, semi cloudy, rainy across Iraq

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Meteorology and Seismology Organization expected the weather of next four days in Iraq to range between cloudy, rainy, fair, and semi-cloudy with decrease in temperatures.

A statement by the IMSO cited on Monday that “The country will be affected on next Tuesday by a limited high-pressure wave coming from Turkey where the weather over Iraq’s northern region will be cloudy, rainy accompanied by fall of rain, while over the central and southern regions the weather will be semi-cloudy and sometimes mostly cloudy with possibility of fall of rain and appearance of fog in the morning.”

“The maximum temperature in Baghdad will be (24) centigrade while the minimum will be (13) centigrade,” the statement concluded.

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