18 pilgrims killed, injured in Baghdad

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) An Improvised Explosive Device exploded targeting a bus carrying pilgrims in Baghdad Jadeda area of southeastern Baghdad.

Security source reported to IraqiNews.com ”The explosion resulted in killing three pilgrims and injuring 15 others.”

The source added “The security forces transported the dead to the morgue and injured to the hospital for treatment.”


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  1. my dearest Iraqis….

    thousands or perhaps millions of bombs have exploded on your land marking continued tradition and history of violence that one said it is jendless until all iraqis people free from greed and thirst of power. fatah and hamas are the reasons for killing one another…what a stupid country

    • My dearest Denny, the yanks started it in 2003 and haven’t a clue how to end it… they taught their soldiers how to attack but they didn’t teach them Hearts & Minds…

  2. I wake up everyday and it makes my day to hear that you scumbag muslims are killing one another. Keep up the good work.

    • Is it true that more American civilians kill each other with their own guns in one year than all US Military killed in action in both Iraq and Afghanistan in the last 10 years? YEP it is. Go figure…. Its the Goddam right to bear arms, well that’s what the Middle East is doing.

  3. Wake up Iraq’s people, just look around, what can you see? Your faith is a piece of s**t. Your allahhh do not exist. You hate each other, and you are going to destroy each other.

  4. The fact that your name is crusader (which is misspelled by the way) tells me a lot of how educated you are. Please maintain civilized dialogue and common curtsy.

    Lastly, please learn how to spell, it really doesn’t help your case when you misspell and use profanity.

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