Thursday, June 30, 2022


Albu Ghanem tribe gives government 5 hours to provide weapons, threatens to withdraw from battle

Tribal fighters take part in an intensive security deployment against Islamic State militants in Haditha

( On Thursday, the Albu Ghanem tribe gave the central government a five-hour time limit to provide its men with arms, threatening to withdraw from the battle against ISIS if it did not receive the adequate support, and accused the security chiefs of  misinforming and not conveying the facts to the central leadership.

An elder in the Albu Ghanem tribe, named Zamel Abboud Abu Ghanem, said in an interview for, “Our tribe gave the central government five hours to support it with arms, military troops and military aircrafts to bomb ISIS sites,” noting that, “Albu Ghanem’s fighters will withdraw from the battlefield if our demands are not answered.”

Albu Ghanem added, “The tribesmen are still fighting the ISIS organization which took control over the region,” accusing the security leaders of “misinforming and not conveying the facts about what is happening in al-Anbar to the central leadership.”

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