Casualties of Baghdad explosions hit 91 deaths, injuries

Baghdad ( The casualties of the three blasts, which targeted the three Shiite Husseiniyas in Baghdad, climbed up to 91 deaths and injuries.

A police source told on Tuesday ”The casualties of the car bomb explosion near Sudani Husseiniya in Hurriya area hit five deaths and 19 injuries while the casualties of Shula explosion reached eight deaths and 21 injuries.”

”The death toll of the car bomb explosion, which took place near Ali Bash Husseiniya, increased to be six deaths and 32 wounded person, ”the source added.

The initial casualties of the three explosions were 40 people killed and injured. \


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  1. Apart from the fac that these people are murderers (and won’t ever meet their virgins in heaven): Those who bomb perform the plans of the USA, Turkey and Israel to keep Iraq weak. Only a united Iraq would play the role Iraq should play in the region, as a counterpart to the awful wahhabi terrorist regimes of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and a partner of peaceful and just development. Unfortunatly, there are too many “Iraqs” and not one.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Fatima. For one reason or another, those thugs have been serving foreign agendas, targeting the disruption of Iraq’s unity. What matters, though, is that the people of Iraq should not let the extremists to penetrate into our country’s fabric.

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