Thursday, September 29, 2022


Islamic State whip Mosul alms-givers for helping the poor without permission

 Islamic State whip  Mosul alms-givers for helping the poor without permission

ISIS whipping Iraqi men. File Photo

ISIS whipping Iraqi men. File Photo
Nineveh ( Islamic State extremists whipped on Monday four wealthy residents of western Mosul for giving financial assistance to poorer families without the group’s permission, a military official has said.

Army lieutenant Abdul-Salam al-Jubouri was quoted as saying in a press statement that the punishment was carried out at al-Yarmouk district.

The four were found guilty of trespassing the competences of the group’s finance body, Jubouri said, adding that the militants maintained that the convicts should have approached the concerned body to distribute the money according to its discretion.

Since they took over Mosul and several other Iraqi cities in 2014, Islamic State militants have imposed extreme religious rules on Iraqi civilians, occasionally carrying out horrific executions as well as harsh punishments against violators.

IS rule, as well as battles with Iraqi forces, have forced at least 191.000 civilians to flee homes in the eastern side to refugee camps. The United Nations has recently voiced concerns for the fate of 750.000 civilians living in the IS-held west and suffering livelihood shortages besides militants abuses.

Iraqi government forces, backed by a U.S.-led international military coalition and popular militias, have been fighting Islamic State since mid October to retake the city. Operations have so far managed to recapture the whole eastern section of the city, and preparations are underway to invade the west, where military commanders predict a tougher battle.

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