Thursday, June 30, 2022


SIL terrorists arrest mosque preacher southern Mosul

SIL terrorists arrest mosque preacher southern Mosul

Nineveh ( A security source in Nineveh province today Wednesday that the ISIL terrorists arrested the preacher of Al-Kabir mosque in Hamam Al-Alalil sub-district southern Mosul.

“The terrorists did a break-in Saeed Mubarak’s house in the sub-district and arrested him due to his disapproval of backing them and calling the youngsters to join them,” the source told, clarifying that “the terrorists took the preacher to the unknown place, ordering his family not to ask about him.”

It added that “the terrorists increased their measures around the mosque and prevented the worshipers from entering into it, afraid of making a revolution against them due to their wrongdoing and immoral actions against the symbolic figures in the sub-district.” /End/

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