Urgent – Car bomb explodes in Kut

Urgent ... Car bomb explodes in Kut

Wassit, Kut (IraqiNews.com) A car bomb exploded near a commercial center in central Kut and resulted in killing and injuring more than 30 citizens.

The Director of Wassit Health Department, Diaa Jalel, stated to IraqiNews.com on Thursday that ”The car bomb, which was parked near the commercial center in Ameil Square of central Kut city, the capital of Wassit province, exploded on Thursday,” noting that “The explosion resulted in killing four citizens and injuring 32 other.”

The source added “The explosion happened at seven o’clock of Thursday evening while the citizens were shopping their needs preparing to Eid-Al-Firt,” noting that “The human casualties are initial and it will increase.”

The number of the victims reached 132 deaths and injuries as a result of of 9 car bombs exploded on Thursday. \

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