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Iraqi police arrests 14 wanted individuals on various charges in Maysan Province

( Maysan Police chief, Brigadier General Nizar Mohi al-Saadi, announced on Sunday the arrest of 14 wanted individuals on various criminal charges in different...

Protesters in Muthanna, Karbala & Wasit decide to move their sit-ins to Baghdad

( Muthanna – The protesters in the provinces of Muthanna, Karbala and Wasit have decided to move their sit-ins to Baghdad starting tomorrow. A source...

Security forces arrest 8 wanted people south of al-Amarah

( Maysan – The Head of the security committee in Maysan Province Jawad Kadim announced on Thursday, that the security forces arrested eight people,...

Unidentified gunmen kill 3 civilians east of Ammara in Maysan Province

( Maysan - A source within the police force in Maysan province said on Monday, that three people had been killed in an armed...

Maysan Police: Iraqi police forces arrest 15 wanted individuals in Maysan

( Maysan - Maysan Police Directorate announced on Sunday the arrest of 15 wanted individuals on a variety of criminal offenses in the province. Maysan...

Iraq and Iran exchange remains of 94 soldiers killed in eight-year war

( Baghdad - The International Committee of the Red Cross in Basra Province announced on Monday, that Iraq and Iran exchanged the remains of...

2 postponed matches played next Saturday within IFPL

Baghdad ( Two postponed matches within the Iraqi Football Premier League IFPL will be played next Saturday. Member of the Iraqi Football Association IFA,...

School principle assaulted pupils in Maysan dismissed

Maysan ( The Special Committee tasked to discuss the assault of the principle of Zahawi Primary School in Maysan, Khalil Razoqi, decided to dismiss...

HR Ministry announces investigating principle of Zahawi School for assaulting pupils

Baghdad ( The Ministry of Human Rights announced suspending the activities of the principle of Zahawi Primary school in Maysan for assaulting the pupils. A...

Abadi instructs to hold urgent investigation with teacher assaulting pupils in Maysan

Maysan ( The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, instructed to hold an urgent investigation with the teacher who assaulted the pupils in a video clip...

Residential Complex inaugurated for political prisoners in Maysan

Maysan ( The local government in Maysan province inaugurated a residential complex for the political prisoners. The Authorized Manager of the Construction Company, Hassan Hassani...

Night curfew to be lifted in Maysan Tuesday

Maysan ( The police chief of Maysan province Maj. Gen. Mohammed Jassim al-Zubaidi, announced Tuesday lifting the night curfew in the province. Al-Zubaidi said to...


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